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North Munster Masonic Centre,
Castle Street,
King's Island,

Triune Lodge 333
Meets at the Masonic Centre, Castle Street, King's Island, Limerick

on the 3rd Friday of every Month
except in June, July & August.


Warrant number 333 was first issued to Caledon, Co Tyrone on 6th September 1759.  It was removed to Tynan, Co Armagh about 1809 and the Warrant was cancelled on 6th February 1845.


On 13th January 1846 the Warrant was re-issued to Samuel Dickson, Henry M Massy and William Massy, all of Limerick. 


The Lodge celebrated the Sesquicentennial (150 years) of continuous working in November 1996.


Over many years a friendship grew up between the three Lodges, each numbered 333, from the English, Irish and Scottish Constitutions and inter-Constitution visits became a regular occurrence.


Presented to Triune Lodge 333 by the Brethren of Royal Preston Lodge No. 333 E.C., Preston, Lancs., England.



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